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Host mother from Saugus, MA commends the team on a job well done.

I have been hosting with Global Immersions for almost three years. I write to commend you and the Global Immersions Team on your professionalism and dedication to your international visitors and hosts. Your attention to detail, hands on approach, keeping your hosts informed with details and changes every step of the way throughout the duration of the stay and continued follow up and evaluation speaks to your "First Class Operation". I have never hosted with another agency or independently until recently when I was referred to an agency and hosted a single guest for one month. That single hosting experience is what compelled me to express my appreciation for your attention to detail and all that you do to ensure a successful homestay experience for all.

Host mother from Saugus, MA


Host family from Newton, MA:

Our visitor from Madrid was a total joy to have staying with us and I feel so lucky to be making friends all over the world through Global Immersions! Thank you!

Host mother from Roslindale, MA:

Thanks for all the host support! As usual, I'm impressed - I'm not aware of any other schools or agencies taking such good care of their students.

Host mother from Jamaica Plain, MA:

I would like to commend Global Immersions for its organization and professionalism. I recently tried hosting with another Homestay group and they were so disorganized and unprofessional- I really have enjoyed each of my guests and also working with GI.

Host parents from Newton, MA:

Hosting international students is very gratifying. To host a student who is in the U.S. for the first time, to make them feel comfortable and to converse about the differences in culture is satisfying and informational. 

Host family from Saugus, MA:

People ask me - "how can you share your home and life with strangers?" It is so natural to me now I can't imagine not having students with us. They bring so much life, energy, and joy to me and my family.

Host family from Somerville, MA:

We've had students from Chile, to Denmark, to China, and we've learned so much about the cultures of the rest of the world. We love exchanging cultural knowledge and are honored to help students improve their English. It's a delight to see everyone in the house learning!

Host family from Milton, MA:

My host experience so far has been great. My children are having fun with the students. I had a student from China who stayed with us for ten months - now she is like a daughter to me, and like a sister to my son and daughter.

Host father from Brookline, MA:

Enjoy conversation and relating to someone different...it is all part of being a host. Live - learn - enjoy!

Host mother from Cambridge, MA:

Without exception I enjoy meeting the courageous and smart students from all over the world that Global Immersions sends to me. I always recommend that my friends give "hosting" a try.

Host family from Malden, MA:

Having students from other countries has been a very positive experience for me. We learn so much from each other. Dinnertime is so much fun! I love that I am a part of Global Immersions.

Host mother from Hyde Park, MA:

My experiences as a host family have been warm, wonderful, educational, and very rewarding for both myself and my students. I have made lifelong friends, have spoken to their parents, have been invited to their home countries, and have become their extended "Mom" while they are away from home!

Host parents from Roslindale, MA:

Hosting international students has been an enriching experience for our whole family. It has allowed us to be armchair travelers. Also, we have had the chance to visit a few of our former students when we traveled to Mexico and Japan.

Host mother from Newton, MA:

Being a host family offers a wide range of rich experiences. For me it provides friendship and companionship. Student and hosts share life experiences and can become friends even after their language stay is terminated.

Host mother from West Roxbury, MA:

Educational and teaches my kids to be more friendly and responsible!

Host mother from Charlestown, MA:

It has been wonderful to meet persons from other cultures and welcome them into our home!

Host father from Watertown, MA:

Thank you for yesterday's host event!  You (Global Immersions Homestay) always do such interesting, delicious and informative times.  I made the Chinese fish recipe tonight for my homestay visitor --I was so impressed with it!  Thanks again!

Host family from Watertown, MA:

This is the most important result from international abroad programs paired with homestays...good, trustworthy people still exist and it opens up your heart and eyes to the corners of the world you would have thought to travel to! 

Host father from Revere, MA:

Thank you so much. I enjoy having students who stay for more than a month because we become friends. I am still in communication with your students from Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Brazil. Your program has enriched my life.