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Boston Experiences & Culture Workshop

The Boston Experiences & Culture Workshop is a one-hour interactive session designed for international individuals to learn about Boston and U.S. culture. The goal of each workshop is to bring Boston, MA to each participant through on-site location tours, cultural insights, activities and more! 

A Boston Experiences & Culture Workshop can be added to any group Virtual Homestay Experience program. Each workshop is designed to meet the learning goals and English levels of the group. 

A Boston Experiences & Culture Workshop includes:

  • 60 minutes per virtual workshop

  • On-site location tours and insider insights

  • Online free communication platform for participants via Zoom

  • Workshops facilitated by experienced and culturally sensitive Global Immersions team

  • Cultural activities and materials designed by Global Immersions, Inc.

  • Minimum of five participants and maximum of 95 per workshop 

Workshop Topics to Choose From:

  • Boston History & Fun Facts 

  • College/University Tours and Student Life

  • Boston Tour including Freedom Trail

  • American Foods and Boston Favorites

  • U.S. Holidays

Contact us today to learn more about our Boston Experiences & Culture Workshops!

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