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Virtual Webinars & Events

The Virtual Webinars are one-hour interactive sessions designed for individuals to raise their cultural awareness about Boston, U.S. culture and daily life in Japan. Due to the travel restrictions and safety concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Immersions, Inc. continues to provide immersive, interactive and rich intercultural experiences for individuals around the globe. All of the webinars are live and new webinars are added monthly. 

The Travel Like a Local: Boston series brings participants to our favorite city--Boston, U.S.A.! The themes include  Insider Tips, International Student Experiences at Colleges & Universities and Famous & Favorite Foods and more! Each session includes virtual tours of Boston and the ability to ask questions to our team.

The Travel Like a Local: U.S.A. series focuses on different parts of U.S. culture. The themes include holidays, favorite foods, traditional desserts and many more.  Each session includes virtual tours and/or tutorials depending on the theme and the ability to ask questions to our team. 

Participants virtually travel to Kanazawa, Japan in the Living Like a Local: Japan series to learn about the culture and daily life. The webinars are prepared and presented by Kanazawa native and our Global Immersions Japanese culture expert. The themes include Daily Shopping at Local Markets, House Tour of a Showa Style Home and Budget Friendly Dining Out Options. Each session includes virtual tours and the ability to ask questions.  New topics are added monthly to our Living Like a Local: Japan series.  

Virtual Webinars include:

  • 60 minutes per virtual webinar

  • Virtual tours and insider insights

  • Online free communication platform for participants via Zoom

  • Webinar facilitated by experienced and culturally sensitive Global Immersions team

  • Resources designed by Global Immersions team specific to webinar theme

  • Fee varies based on webinar

To learn more about and to book an upcoming webinar, check out our Event Calendar. The webinars desgined for non-native English speakers, participants are suggested to have Advanced Beginner English skills to maximize learning. Webinar times listed are (EST) Boston time zone. 

Questions about the virtual webinars or events, please contact us!